Educational School Trip

Experience history and more outside the classroom!

Another boring museum? Think again!

The Scarborough Fair Collection and Vintage Transport Museum is perfect for your school field trip. It is packed full of history which charts progressions through time and meets the national curriculum. You can show your pupils real life examples of how various industries and social movements have changed over time.

Are you coming to Scarborough Fair?

It’s a well-known song, but did you know it is also the name of one of the largest, private collections of vintage steam engines, fairground rides, cars, tractors, motorbikes and more in the whole of Europe?

We’d love your school to visit us at the Scarborough Fair Collection and Vintage Transport Museum in Scarborough for an educational trip which can be tailored to your learning. Step back in time as you wander around the various halls packed full of wonderful exhibits and learn as you go!

We love the collection and we’re thrilled that our visitors do too. We average 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor and have recently been included in their ‘Hall of Fame’ after several years of high scores from our guests. We were also Visit England’s Hidden Gem Award winners back in 2014, and are nominated for the award again this year. Previous school visits have also commented how much they and the children enjoyed the museum and how it fed into their classroom learning for the weeks ahead.

How much is it?

For schools, it’s £6 per pupil with teachers/helpers going free. We will take you on a guided tour (if required), so you can learn as much as possible about the exhibits in the museum.

Teachers can visit in advance and see what we have to offer, get a feel for planning your day out and see what we have that can offer the children a unique way of learning.

What do we offer?

We have a brochure which details a selection of things we have to offer in relation to your school trip. Click here to view it >


Farming is one of the oldest industries in the world and one that has developed incredibly over time. During your trip you can take your class through the journey of farming from manual labour to the use of tractors and more!


We’ve got a number of impressive traction engines in our collection, including the star of film ‘The Iron Maiden’ which are not only amazing to look at but a great tool for your history lesson too.


Good fun and educational, our collection of fairground rides shows how Traction Engines were also used to power mechanical fairgrounds in days gone past. Although not powered in this way now, the Traction Engine did power these as they moved around the country. 

What subjects would our visit help with?


Let your students become journalists for the day as they report back for their ‘newspaper’ with a piece of creative writing. They could write a review of the museum or write a diary piece as if they were living in the time.


How many old pennies made a shilling and how many shillings made a pound? Play on the Penny Arcade and then use old pennies to help solve maths questions.


Many of our exhibits used to be powered by traction engines but are now run on electricity. You can use example of the exhibits to help explain circuits and switches back in the classroom.


Our vintage cars were some of the first on the roads in Britain. You can relate the Roman invasion of Britain and subsequent road building back to your trip to see us!


Study a local area and get used to finding Scarborough on a map. Maybe students can plan a route and how they would do that now. How was this different to how people used to travel to Scarborough? Our charabanc, open top bus and hotel bus gives your students a flavour of how people used to travel.

Want to book your trip or want to know more?

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