Events and entertainment

As well as our tea dances which take place every Wednesday and Thursday (1-4pm) and regular organists, we are also delighted to host other events throughout the year, detailed below.

In 2017 we introduced an extra day for tea dances which will mean that Wednesday tea dances consist of a majority of sequence and some ballroom, while Thursday will be a majority of ballroom and a little bit of sequence.

Scarborough Electronic Organ Society Concert List

  • 27th March – Robert Wolfe
  • 17th April – DirkJan Ranzijn
  • 1st May – Claudia Hirschfeld
  • 29th May – Nicholas Martin
  • 19th June – Tony Stace
  • 10th July – John Cooper
  • 7th August – Stephen Foulkes
  • 28th August – John Mann
  • 18th September – Daniel Watt
  • 16th October – David Ingley
  • 13th November – Michael Carr
  • 11th December – Elizabeth Harrison

All start at 7.30pm. For further details and dates of concerts please visit their website…