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When Graham Atkinson purchased his first steam engine and mechanical organ back in the 1980’s few people could have ever imagined that this was destined to be the start of a unique collection that would become famous throughout the world.

What started as a casual love for the glories of the past quickly became a passion that completely took over his life and when the world famous ‘Munich Oktoberfest’ organ became available he just had to drop everything and travel to Germany so as to secure its future.

The Iron Maiden Steam EngineLikewise the opportunity to purchase the most famous showman’s engine of them all, ‘The Iron Maiden’, proved just completely irresistible.
Soon the collection grew to a size where it became necessary to build new storage facilities for the winter and it was at this point that the idea of building an entertainment venue instead was considered, after all why should such wonderful items only be enjoyed during the summer months?

Collection of antique motorbikes at the Scarborough Fair Collection MuseumThe collection continues to grow and now includes Four showman’s engines, Fifteen mechanical organs, Two Wurlitzer theatre organs, the ex Edward’s of Swindon 1937 Scammell showman’s tractor ‘The Moonraker’, the ex Chipperfield’s Tidman gallopers, a rare Caterpillar ride, many other vintage fairground attractions and a fine collection of miniature steam engines of both the railway and road going variety along with much, much more!

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